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Cute, Comfy, Casual But So Damn Hot!

Cute, Comfy, Casual But So Damn Hot!

You might wonder what I look for in a pair of shoes. Well the answer to that question is pretty simple. I follow the rule of the 3 C’s, Cute, comfortable and casual. Being a mother of two young boys’ means that I am on my feet all day. But just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that my appearance has to suffer. Obviously wearing a pair of 5” inch heels isn’t practical, but that doesn’t mean that heels are out of the question. I look forward to putting together a cute but also sexy outfit and pairing that with a great pair of shoes.

My favorite shoe pick this week is “LA423-Babydoll” This shoe has a 4” heel with a 1” concealed platform. So even though the heel is 4”, the 1”concealed platform makes it feel like you are walking in 3” heels. I utterly love these shoes. The versatility of  this “Maryjane” style shoe enables you to wear it with sundresses, capri’s and jeans. So not only can I keep up with my kids in these shoes, I can even wear them with just about anything.  The other great thing about this shoe is that they are so comfortable. I have pretty picky feet, and if the shoe isn’t comfy then I won’t wear them. So check out “LA423-Babydoll”, I know you will love them as much as I do.

Bordello Shoes by Pleaser

12 Jun 2009 In: New Shoes
Teeze Bordello Platform

Teeze Bordello Platform

Bordello shoes have arrived, yippee!  We are very excited about this line of shoes.  They are unique, glamorous and this Bordello line of shoes will definitely catch some eyes.  I love this line!

View Bordello Shoes here

About Bordello:

Bordello is a seductively exciting and titillating brand of footwear that celebrates being a women. Created for burlesque performers who have shimmied the art of tease back in to the spotlight, Bordello also satisfies those who are simply nostalgic for the lavish glamour of the old times.
Featuring ornate detailing and dazzling accoutrements including an array of sparkly glitters, glistening rhinestones and luscious laces, Bordello shoes and boots complement the obnoxiously colorful costumes, theatrical themes, and dramatic lighting found at burlesque performances around the globe.

Jenna Jameson for Peta

4 May 2009 In: on Celebrities / Stars

Last year Jenna Jameson did an add for Peta where she sported a pair sexy Ellie heels.  She is wearing the 5″ Bess Pump.

Jenna Jameson Peta Ad

Jenna Jameson Peta Ad

A few years back, Britney Spears slipped on a pair of glittered platform  Eden shoes for a Halloween party.

Glitter Eden ShoeNo-Glitter Eden Shoe

Britney Spears Dressing Up For Halloween

Britney Spears Dressing Up For Halloween

DeeDee, Vanity and Sonya Shoes by Ellie

From Left to Right DeeDee, Vanity and Sonya Shoes by Ellie

DeeDee ShoeVanity Cone HeelSonya Shoe

Krupa Boots by Ellie Shoes

Krupa Boots by Ellie Shoes

Krupa Boots

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